Services & Prices



Service Description Price
Full Home Inspections
Includes crawl space (if any) Up to 1000 SF conditioned space $250.00
1001 – 1500 SF conditioned space $300.00
1501 – 2000 SF conditioned space $350.00
2001 – 2500 SF conditioned space $400.00
2501 – 3000 SF conditioned space $450.00
 Over 3500 SF add $0.10 PSF 3001 – 3500 SF conditioned space $500.00
Re-inspections Follow-up to check on repairs made to deficiencies called out in the home inspection.  $100.00
Other structures Unconditioned detached garage, permanent shed over 200 SF $50.00
Insurance add-on’s Often required to acquire insurance and/or qualify for discounts. With Full Home Inspection Stand Alone Inspection
4 Point Inspection Document condition of roof, plumbing, electric and HVAC. $75.00 $150.00
Wind Mitigation Inspection Verify wind resistant practices and materials used (permit date 3/1/2002 or newer) $75.00 $150.00
Citizens Roof Report Citizens Insurance requirement $75.00 $150.00
Energy Saving Add-on’s
Blower Door Assist Identify air leaks around and through windows, doors, lights, receptacles, baseboards, etc $150.00 $300.00
Duct Blaster with fog Identify air leaks in ductwork using pressurized fog vapor. $150.00 $300.00
Both blower door & duct blaster See above descriptions. $200.00 $400.00
 Other Services Outside In & Out
Vacation home inspections (Recurring) Check on your home while you are away. Simple report via e-mail with picture(s). $35.00 $55.00
Landlord inspections (Recurring) Check on tenants (outside only or in/out).  Simple report via e-mail with picture(s). $35.00 $55.00
Investor due diligence inspection Simple report via e-mail with minimum ten (10) pictures. $75.00 $100.00
Year-end warranty inspection Evaluate new homes prior to warranty expiration. $350.00
Tenant move-in inspection Document the condition of the home/dorm/commercial space that you are about to lease.  Simple report via e-mail with picture(s). $100.00
Tenant move-out inspection Document the condition of the home/dorm/commercial space that you previously leased or are still leasing for the purpose of a landlord dispute or to document condition at lease end.  Simple report via e-mail with picture(s). $100.00
General consultation for homeowners only.  (Not for homes listed or under contract) This is a 2-hour informal pre-improvement walk-through of the property with the homeowner and/or their contractor or representative.  There is no testing and there is no written report provided. $200.00
* A “simple report” is a one page e-mail template containing property identifiers, client, inspection type, occupancy status and items of concern.  It is NOT a home inspection or an insurance qualifier.